Monday, April 2, 2012

Cael is 4!!

I can't believe my little man turned 4 last week - he is getting so big. I love the stuff he says. Most of the time he will say something and Layne & I will just look at each other & laugh because we can't believe that just came out of Cael's mouth. I know we are terrible parents, but we love our little man so much - and he was spoiled rotten for his birthday!!
We bought him a helicopter, he loves it!

Cael & Will are 3 days apart so they always share their birthdays -
Cael loves his best buddy :)

My awesome Treasure Chest cake I made for him.

Here are some pics of his other birthday party -
Closing his eyes - waiting for his present - we bought him a basketball hoop but he was more excited about a shovel his cousin Hunter gave him.

I love that smile :)
His awesome Super Man Cake that Layne made him

I made an Easter Cake for the party too...

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Cael's Socks

So yesterday after Layne picked Cael up from pre-school they went home and while Layne was fixing lunch, Cael decided to put his socks on his football lamp in his bedroom and turn it on. Layne could smell something burning but couldn't figure out what it was - he finally figured it out! As you can tell they definitely had a fire lesson today! I'm just glad Layne was awake, he's been working graveyards and at least once a week Cael just stays home with him while he sleeps so we don't have to find babysitters. But I'm thinking my little child is a little too mischievous to be by himself!!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Saturday Projects

I love "Hunting Season" - and I think I'm probably the greatest wife ever because I rarely complain about Layne hunting all of the time (I try not to complain, but sometimes I just can't help it.) But when "Hunting Season" is's project time at our house. So on Saturday Layne did some projects for me that I've been wanting to do.
I had seen this sign in a magazine and it was really small & they wanted $40 for it, and I showed it to Layne and I said - I can make that. So we went to the pasture and got some barn wood and I made this sign...I have one more I'm going to make but I ran out of time this weekend.

Cael wanted to pose by the picture - and yes, he's always in his underwear at our house..he's totally got a mind of his own!

Then when Layne & I went away for our Anniversary last summer we went to a place that had these Window Covers & I loved them. So we got some barn wood and Layne made these for all of my windows in our family room & kitchen... they look so good! I love my husband so much! It took up our whole Saturday but we finished them...well I need to put some rustic iron stars on there or something but for now they look pretty good.
And Cael had to pose again by our windows.

Cake Boss

So we love the TV show "Cake Boss" - and every time we watch it Layne says, "I could totally make a cake." Well if you know Layne at all he loves projects and he will figure out how to make something no matter what, and if you know me - you know I am not the best baker ok I don't bake at all very Layne was on his own with this grand idea :) So we went and bought some cake stuff and he made his first cake...Red Velvet with butter-cream frosting - it was so good.

Then Cael told his dad he wanted to make his birthday cake - so we decided we needed to practice a little more before we make Cael's birthday cake so we made a cake yesterday for the Super Bowl...I did actually help on this one :) If you watch Cake Boss at all Buddy has a couple of guys in the bakery that do all of his running around and B*!ch work for him...that was me :) Just Kidding but here is our cake for our Super Bowl party last night. I seriously love my husband...he's so handy to have around!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Catching Up

So I was looking at my phone & found some pictures I hadn't put on here -

One Sunday Cael wanted to be Hiccup from "How To Train a Dragon" so he had his sword & shield but he needed a hat - so we made one out of tinfoil. Don't laugh at my art skills - he was freaking out and wanted one right now!! He's a dork, but we still love him & don't laugh at his clothes, he dresses himself.

Cael has also been into hunting with his dad - Layne went to Canada for a week goose hunting & Cael did not like that he left him, so whenever Layne goes around here, Cael is going too no matter what. It's kind of cute & Layne loves that he wants to go hunting with him. These are pics from their last 2 hunts last week.

Here is a picture of Layne & I in Vegas - I seriously can't believe how blessed I am to have these two crazy boys in my life and the friends and family that we have!!

And another pic of Cael & I playing :)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Time

Wow - I haven't blogged for a while. Cael is so excited for Christmas, everyday he asks if it's Christmas yet, it's funny. What would we do without the threat of "Santa?" I love using - "If you don't talk nice, Santa won't come." or "If you don't clean up your mess, Santa won't come." I know it's mean, but it works!!
We went to Temple Square the other night - it was fun, but so cold! Cael had fun though, he loves the temple. To him Jesus lives in the Temple so he was kind of bummed we didn't go in it. And he is going on his mission to the Temple - which is fine with me, I don't think I could have him go very far away :)

While at the Visitor's Center a guy walked by us that looked just like Santa - and Cael grabbed me & said Santa is at the Temple - I said that is so cool - well the guy heard us and came over and shook Cael's hand and gave him a Candy Cane....oh man Cael loved it. Seriously kids make Christmas so much better - Cael is going to be so fun this year on Christmas morning! Layne & I are so excited!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I was trying to decide what Cael should be for Halloween and I had found a lot of great costume ideas - when I listed them off to him he told me he wanted to be a "Cop." I said, "don't you want be something different or scary?" And he said, "no I want to be a cop like dad!" So he was a cop for Halloween - I found this costume and then with Layne's aunt's help I got him all decked out as a Lehi Police Officer...I have to say he was so handsome in it and I'm pretty lucky to have 2 cute Lehi Police Officers.

Trick or Treating down Main Street

Cael & Brix on Main Street -
Cael wanted to stay with his dog because he was "On Duty"

Giving Brix a kiss - he loves his cop dog.

Cael & Layne -