Monday, February 6, 2012

Saturday Projects

I love "Hunting Season" - and I think I'm probably the greatest wife ever because I rarely complain about Layne hunting all of the time (I try not to complain, but sometimes I just can't help it.) But when "Hunting Season" is's project time at our house. So on Saturday Layne did some projects for me that I've been wanting to do.
I had seen this sign in a magazine and it was really small & they wanted $40 for it, and I showed it to Layne and I said - I can make that. So we went to the pasture and got some barn wood and I made this sign...I have one more I'm going to make but I ran out of time this weekend.

Cael wanted to pose by the picture - and yes, he's always in his underwear at our house..he's totally got a mind of his own!

Then when Layne & I went away for our Anniversary last summer we went to a place that had these Window Covers & I loved them. So we got some barn wood and Layne made these for all of my windows in our family room & kitchen... they look so good! I love my husband so much! It took up our whole Saturday but we finished them...well I need to put some rustic iron stars on there or something but for now they look pretty good.
And Cael had to pose again by our windows.