Saturday, August 7, 2010


We have been finishing up our remodeling & I wanted to clean the tile grout in my kitchen. It was disgusting...but I had heard all of these ideas like toothpaste, letting coke sit on it for a while so the other night Layne & I put Cael to bed and decided to try out all of our cleaning products :) So we did an experiment - we put them all down & let them sit and then we wiped them up to see which one won....

And the Winner is...

It works great - I just put it on the grout - put some water on my brush & Waala!! It's all clean & resealed!! I know we are dorks but it's so nice to finally have a clean house...we have been in a mess for way too long!

Here are some pics of our entry way...that is finally done! It use to open up to the living room but now it's all closed off and looks awesome! We get carpet next week in our family room & then we will be all done!!

Explanation: The marks on the wall...we took all of our family brands and Layne branded the wall with them - we have his grandpa's, my great grandpa's, and my dad's - it's awesome...I love my husband!