Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Chopper!

My little man turned 2 yesterday! I can't believe it's been two years already...he has gotten so big! If you ask him he's 4 but we had a blast celebrating his birthday. On Sunday he got to celebrate with his cousin Will they are 3 days apart and they were so cute. Will gave Cael a tractor and he hasn't stopped playing with it for two days! Then last night we had Layne's family over to celebrate it was so great to have everyone there, Cael got too many toys & was totally spoiled! But I guess that's the perks of being our only child!! Layne & I seriously love this stinkin' kid to death, he is so much fun and I can't imagine our life without him - we were so boring!! Happy Birthday Chopper!

Coloring Easter Eggs!

Giving Will a High 5

Grandma Jeri & Grandpa Dean got him a basketball hoop - we have to shoot hoops every day...I dunk it mom, he says it over and over again!

And Layne & I bought Cael a 4-Wheeler -

I love this picture...his face is priceless! He loves his new Bike!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring Was Here...

Cael has loved it being warm outside - until it snowed, we had been going out every day and he was all over the place. I bought a wagon to go in our yard and he loves to sit on it and drive the horses...every night we have to say prayers and watch Lonesome Dove before we go to bed and he thinks he's Gus in the wagon it's so stinkin' cute.

Layne & Cael have spending a lot of time together since I'm at work so they went to IFA and Cael saw the baby chicks and told his dad , "Chicks home dad"...so the Chick's came home! We have 4 baby chicks in our garage and Cael has to check on them every 5 minutes, it's been really cute to see him take care of his chickens! These pictures are bad ---my flash broke but I'll put some better ones up later!