Monday, December 13, 2010

Cael's New Family Pictures

Over the weekend my Aunt Kellie asked us to take their family pictures - so we went down to my dad's field and took their pictures. I feel bad - I'm not very good at that, but they turned out pretty good. Cael loves the kids and he really thinks he is a part of Kellie Jo's family so they had a family picture with Chopper -

I know he looks like a homeless kid but that's what he wanted to wear that day. I mean how more redneck can you get - ugly cowboy hat (hopefully Santa brings him a new one), his fishing vest & then his camo coat & thank goodness you can't see them but he has some snow boots that look just like Napoleon Dynamite - I always said my kid would be dressed nice but lately it's just not worth the fight :)

And he had a blast driving grandpa's bale wagon...

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


We went to Disneyland over Thanksgiving and it was so much fun! We had been telling Cael for 6 months that we were going - but he couldn't go if he kept on picking his nose...I know we're bad but it actually worked for a while! The first day we got there we hit all of the kids rides and Cael loved BUZZ!! Actually I think Layne did too - because he started to get a little competitive with his shooting score! It was so great to have my family there! We had a blast with all of the kids - Cael was such a good kid too! Here are some of our pictures...

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Bugs Life - was the funniest - Cael didn't like the 3D movie - so he started to cry, but he wouldn't take the glasses off! He kept on saying, "no, I need these" - he didn't realize that the stuff would stop scaring him if he took them off!

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He was so excited to see Goofy, Pluto & Minnie - he thought it was pretty awesome that Minnie Mouse gave him a kiss

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Cael had no idea who the princesses were - we don't have those shows at our house :) But he loved the Pixar Parade...when it finished he said, "let's do that again!"

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Layne & Cael made these awesome cars - Cael wanted a woowoo truck (fire truck) & a woowoo car (police car) so at this store you could make them...I think Layne liked it more but it was pretty fun! The bottom pictures are Cael jumping on the bed in our hotel...he would get so excited in the mornings when he knew we were going to Disneyland!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Making Gingerbread Houses!

Grandma Jeri had a full schedule for us on Sunday night - we ate dinner, had our annual pie competition (which by the way Layne got his butt handed to him this year) His pies did not turn out right - he bought the wrong kind of pudding - instead of the instant he bought the cook - and they never did set up :) They were disgusting!

Cael loved making his gingerbread house...everyone's was so nice and pretty but Cael was having a blast. We had 3 Santa's on the house, 1 Santa in the house, and 1 Santa outside in the yard....that way Cael could get lots of toys :) He is so stinkin' cute!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Awesome Pumpkins

Here are the pictures of our awesome pumpkins - Layne did the Grim Reaper and I did the bat in the moon - I know we're weird but they turned out really good!

Ok mine isn't as cool as Layne's but oh well :)

Monday, October 25, 2010


We had a great weekend - it was the deer hunt (pictures to come soon) and then we went to Layne's grandparents Halloween party - the kids were so cute. Then his grandma Jeri let the boys make sugar cookies...she has a lot more patience than I do.
Cael had a blast though - then we went to the other side of the family to carve pumpkins...Layne loves this - he always has to find a "cool one" and Cael thought it was pretty cool to play with the 'sharps' which translates to 'knives'.

Hunter, Cael, Caleb, Brylee

Hunter just wanted to play in the flour

Monday, October 18, 2010

Duck Hunting

Layne took Cael duck hunting Saturday night - which was so great because I had a root canal and was throwing up :) They went with Travis and his little girls, Taryn, Jada & Taya and then Josh took his little girl Macee. Cael had a blast in the boat - all he told me was, "me dad went duck hunting in the boat and his gun broke." Ya and Layne's gun did break - when he went to shoot the first duck - this is what happened to the barrel. It's so dang Layne is taking donations for a new shotgun...if anyone wants to help!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Layne's Wyoming Buck

So Layne went on a Wyoming Deer Hunt - and he'll act tuff about it and say he wasn't excited but he was and he had a blast with all of the boys. Here is the awesome deer that he got!

Cael & Hunter on the 4 Wheeler when the boys got home...Cael missed his dad so much!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Canning Salsa...

I have never "canned" anything in my entire life - but I've been trying to be a better mother & wife - and I guess that helps my qualifications! Layne's Sister Shelly & mom were going to can salsa so we joined in last night. This is how domestic I'm becoming - I even had half a bucket of tomatoes from my garden to donate :) Anyways, I have to admit it wasn't that bad - but we all just pitched in and got it done! Even Layne helped - for a minute. Thanks Jeri!

Cael & Brylee had a blast playing together!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Go CouGarS!

Ok not really Go Cougars...but we bought Cael a BYU uniform so he could play with his cousins Will & Owen - the uniforms are so cute - we gave it to him yesterday and I had a hard time getting it off of him for bed. Here are some pics of it...
Layne is so proud!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Dove Hunt

Cael got to go on his first dove hunt yesterday! Layne worked all night and then got up and took Cael Dove hunting. If you know Layne he doesn't care if he loses sleep when it comes to hunting. Cael had a blast - they only got 2 but Cael would take his bb gun and go shoot them on the ground(he thinks his gun is loaded)
This is Cael being Cael...

How cute are my boys!?

Saturday, August 7, 2010


We have been finishing up our remodeling & I wanted to clean the tile grout in my kitchen. It was disgusting...but I had heard all of these ideas like toothpaste, letting coke sit on it for a while so the other night Layne & I put Cael to bed and decided to try out all of our cleaning products :) So we did an experiment - we put them all down & let them sit and then we wiped them up to see which one won....

And the Winner is...

It works great - I just put it on the grout - put some water on my brush & Waala!! It's all clean & resealed!! I know we are dorks but it's so nice to finally have a clean house...we have been in a mess for way too long!

Here are some pics of our entry way...that is finally done! It use to open up to the living room but now it's all closed off and looks awesome! We get carpet next week in our family room & then we will be all done!!

Explanation: The marks on the wall...we took all of our family brands and Layne branded the wall with them - we have his grandpa's, my great grandpa's, and my dad's - it's awesome...I love my husband!

Saturday, July 31, 2010


We just got back from Yellowstone and it was so great! We took Cael last year and he didn't really care about the animals but this year he wanted to see the Buffalo :) It was so fun to see all of the different animals and just hang out with Layne & Cael. Here are some pics of our awesome vacation....
This is my favorite Picture

Cael had to have his camera too - so he could take pictures

Checking out the Hot Pots

Cael & Grandpa Larsen

Checking out the Fish at Fishing Bridge

Swimming in the FireHole River

Look out Ladies - Cael thinks he's a pimp :)