Monday, August 22, 2011

Archery Hunt

No we didn't die - I seriously took the summer off - and I haven't been on the computer from the end of June until now and school is starting and it sucks!! We had such a great summer - Cael took swimming lessons, gymnastics, we played, camped and just hung out. It has been great!! Layne has seriously worked his butt off on our yard - pictures to come when it's all finished! Here are some pics of our recent hunting trip to Fairview - we went with Brooke, Josh, Macee & Tyce and Cael had a blast...thank goodness we are going again next weekend because he was so mad we had to come home - so was Layne :)

Cael & Macee making necklaces....

Josh's Famous Chair - that makes him sleep

Cael's new Bow his dad got him for the hunt - -

Layne doing what he does for us!