Monday, April 2, 2012

Cael is 4!!

I can't believe my little man turned 4 last week - he is getting so big. I love the stuff he says. Most of the time he will say something and Layne & I will just look at each other & laugh because we can't believe that just came out of Cael's mouth. I know we are terrible parents, but we love our little man so much - and he was spoiled rotten for his birthday!!
We bought him a helicopter, he loves it!

Cael & Will are 3 days apart so they always share their birthdays -
Cael loves his best buddy :)

My awesome Treasure Chest cake I made for him.

Here are some pics of his other birthday party -
Closing his eyes - waiting for his present - we bought him a basketball hoop but he was more excited about a shovel his cousin Hunter gave him.

I love that smile :)
His awesome Super Man Cake that Layne made him

I made an Easter Cake for the party too...