Friday, September 24, 2010

Canning Salsa...

I have never "canned" anything in my entire life - but I've been trying to be a better mother & wife - and I guess that helps my qualifications! Layne's Sister Shelly & mom were going to can salsa so we joined in last night. This is how domestic I'm becoming - I even had half a bucket of tomatoes from my garden to donate :) Anyways, I have to admit it wasn't that bad - but we all just pitched in and got it done! Even Layne helped - for a minute. Thanks Jeri!

Cael & Brylee had a blast playing together!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Go CouGarS!

Ok not really Go Cougars...but we bought Cael a BYU uniform so he could play with his cousins Will & Owen - the uniforms are so cute - we gave it to him yesterday and I had a hard time getting it off of him for bed. Here are some pics of it...
Layne is so proud!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Dove Hunt

Cael got to go on his first dove hunt yesterday! Layne worked all night and then got up and took Cael Dove hunting. If you know Layne he doesn't care if he loses sleep when it comes to hunting. Cael had a blast - they only got 2 but Cael would take his bb gun and go shoot them on the ground(he thinks his gun is loaded)
This is Cael being Cael...

How cute are my boys!?