Thursday, February 19, 2009

10 Month Pictures

I really can't believe that Cael is 10 months actually he's almost 11 months. It's amazing how being pregnant goes on and on and on, then you get them here and it goes by so fast!! We do have big news though....Cael can finally crawl!! He is all over the place and its so fun, it's like having a little puppy in the house. Aunt Jen took Cael's 10 month pics, I thought they were going to be awful because the little poop threw a fit the whole time, but they are seriously so cute! Thanks Jen!

Don't you just love those TEETH!!

And this is Cael throwing a FIT!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

It's Official...

I just thought I would tell everyone that it is definitely official, Layne and I are officially the kind of parents we said we would never be! I never thought that I would have a kid that loved a movie or show so much that he will stop crying if you turn it on. Cael loves SHREK (the 1st one) he knows the difference and he loves Sesame Street, mostly the muppets. I know it's weird and kind of creepy but it's true, everyday he sits in his high chair with a pickle (yes a pickle) and he watches Big Bird & Elmo dance around, he loves it and it is the only way I can get anything done! Shrek & Donkey are his sick & nighttime friends, when we are up at night for some reason, which happens more often now than when he was a baby, we turn on Shrek and we can lay on the couch and snuggle and he is good to go.

So I have officially hit the crazy mom lifestyle where I am posting a picture of Shrek & Big Bird because they give me 20 minutes to shower and get dressed!!