Sunday, May 31, 2009

Cael's Painting

One of my students that I taught at South Hills needed to do an art project in her high school class so she asked if she could use one of Cael's pictures -- I said sure so here is the picture she used....

And here is the picture that she drew - it is amazing - I love it! Thanks A.J. you did such a great job!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


This weekend the whole Larsen fam went to the ZOO, it was a blast we had everyone there and the kids loved it. I think I enjoyed watching all of the people more than seeing the animals...there are some sights out there when it comes to people!! Cael had a blast but I think he enjoyed just being outside and the food a lot more than seeing the animals.

Cael & Grandpa checking out the Bears

Layne tried to measure up.....

Cael Eating Fries - well Fry Sauce

The Awesome Train Ride!!

Shelly, Shane & Brylee riding the train

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Turkey Hunt

We just got home from our annual Turkey Hunt with the Larsen fam at Elkridge. It was so great - and I loved the weather! Cael had a blast playing in the dirt all day with his cousins and I sat in my chair and read a book (which I haven't done since I had Cael) and then we went Turkey Hunting of course! Brooke, Josh, & Macee came with us this year and it was so great (Macee is so stinkin' cute), Josh got a turkey it was so cool and Layne had a chance but he got a little excited and missed! Oh well, it was still fun and nice to get back out camping again!