Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I was trying to decide what Cael should be for Halloween and I had found a lot of great costume ideas - when I listed them off to him he told me he wanted to be a "Cop." I said, "don't you want be something different or scary?" And he said, "no I want to be a cop like dad!" So he was a cop for Halloween - I found this costume and then with Layne's aunt's help I got him all decked out as a Lehi Police Officer...I have to say he was so handsome in it and I'm pretty lucky to have 2 cute Lehi Police Officers.

Trick or Treating down Main Street

Cael & Brix on Main Street -
Cael wanted to stay with his dog because he was "On Duty"

Giving Brix a kiss - he loves his cop dog.

Cael & Layne -