Tuesday, April 13, 2010

And The Award Goes To...

Layne and I won Parents of the Year Award this weekend...we went camping out by Simpson Springs which was beautiful and so much fun. We were sitting by DeAnne & Casey's trailer talking when Cael walked over to play in the dirt, he had been such a good boy (He Loves Camping!) When all of a sudden someone said, Cael's in the fire pit! We had started a fire that morning but by lunch it had died but the coals were still hot. Cael had gone in after one of his little rakes because it fell in the pit - when he picked up the rake he picked up some coals, and then he fell to his knees. I was seriously sick - I hate fires anyways and we were sitting right there! He wouldn't let us take pictures of it or even look at it but finally the next day he let his Uncle Casey take some...he loves him! Anyways it is a huge blister on his palm and that is it...we are so lucky he didn't get burned anywhere else. He is so tough too, he hasn't even complained about it. All he says is when you say show me your hand - hot mom, it's hot mom.

So here are some pictures of our eventful weekend!! Other than that camping was great!

Cael & Brylee...they played on the 4-wheelers all day long!

Cael has one of these trucks at home & never plays with it but he wanted this one because it was Caleb's...kids never like their own toys!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Our Fun Day

Layne took some time off so we could have Spring Break together so yesterday we went and hit baseball's with my nephew Morgan and Cael wanted to be right in the action it was so fun...the kid can hold a bat both ways and he swings like Babe Ruth, I know I'm bias but I think he's cute :)We had a blast yesterday, I love it when we are all home & get to play!