Monday, December 13, 2010

Cael's New Family Pictures

Over the weekend my Aunt Kellie asked us to take their family pictures - so we went down to my dad's field and took their pictures. I feel bad - I'm not very good at that, but they turned out pretty good. Cael loves the kids and he really thinks he is a part of Kellie Jo's family so they had a family picture with Chopper -

I know he looks like a homeless kid but that's what he wanted to wear that day. I mean how more redneck can you get - ugly cowboy hat (hopefully Santa brings him a new one), his fishing vest & then his camo coat & thank goodness you can't see them but he has some snow boots that look just like Napoleon Dynamite - I always said my kid would be dressed nice but lately it's just not worth the fight :)

And he had a blast driving grandpa's bale wagon...