Monday, February 6, 2012

Cake Boss

So we love the TV show "Cake Boss" - and every time we watch it Layne says, "I could totally make a cake." Well if you know Layne at all he loves projects and he will figure out how to make something no matter what, and if you know me - you know I am not the best baker ok I don't bake at all very Layne was on his own with this grand idea :) So we went and bought some cake stuff and he made his first cake...Red Velvet with butter-cream frosting - it was so good.

Then Cael told his dad he wanted to make his birthday cake - so we decided we needed to practice a little more before we make Cael's birthday cake so we made a cake yesterday for the Super Bowl...I did actually help on this one :) If you watch Cake Boss at all Buddy has a couple of guys in the bakery that do all of his running around and B*!ch work for him...that was me :) Just Kidding but here is our cake for our Super Bowl party last night. I seriously love my husband...he's so handy to have around!

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Jared and Susan said...

Totally awesome cakes!! My birthday is next!