Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Time

Wow - I haven't blogged for a while. Cael is so excited for Christmas, everyday he asks if it's Christmas yet, it's funny. What would we do without the threat of "Santa?" I love using - "If you don't talk nice, Santa won't come." or "If you don't clean up your mess, Santa won't come." I know it's mean, but it works!!
We went to Temple Square the other night - it was fun, but so cold! Cael had fun though, he loves the temple. To him Jesus lives in the Temple so he was kind of bummed we didn't go in it. And he is going on his mission to the Temple - which is fine with me, I don't think I could have him go very far away :)

While at the Visitor's Center a guy walked by us that looked just like Santa - and Cael grabbed me & said Santa is at the Temple - I said that is so cool - well the guy heard us and came over and shook Cael's hand and gave him a Candy Cane....oh man Cael loved it. Seriously kids make Christmas so much better - Cael is going to be so fun this year on Christmas morning! Layne & I are so excited!!


Casey, DeAnne, and Caleb said...

Love the belt buckle!!!!

David and Jessica said...

Great pic of you 3! Cael is darling. Last time we skyped the family at G'ma Holmes house, he was a crack up. Dave and I laughed and laughed. I can't believe how big the kids have all gotten. He seems like he's so much fun. Hope you guys have a Merry Christmas!